Childhood Trauma And Its Link To Adult Anxiety – Online Therapy As A Treatment Option




Anxiety may be one common disorder that can happen to anybody, but this should not be taken for granted. It can elevate to an aggressive level that will not only harm the person but other people as well. Anxiety is caused by many factors and one of which is a traumatic experience that was experienced during the patient’s childhood years.


Traumatic Events In Childhood Build Up An Anxious Personality

Exhibiting an anxious personality is linked to traumatic events experienced during a person’s childhood. There are seven factors with a direct influence on how this type of character is developed:


  • The discipline style your parents have imposed
  • Your position or birth order in the family
  • Family beliefs, views, and traditions
  • Biochemical makeup
  • Cultural and social influences




 Anxiety Through Adulthood

“There is a sense that the world is not as safe as it used to be, and that creates a lot of anxiety,” says Robert Leahy, Ph.D., a clinical professor of psychology and psychiatry. If an adult who is anxious is like that because of traumatic experiences and other factors as stated above, then what else is there to know about it? How will this adult act towards his loved ones or to strangers? Will the person’s anxious personality become his self-destruction? Here are some observations.


The Anxious Parent. Children by nature are fond of duplicating people around them. So once the parent displays anxiety, the child eventually adopts it and will become anxious too. She will then behave like her parent as a child up until adulthood. As Regine Galanti Ph.D. explained, “when something sparks our anxiety, our bodies go into panic mode,”


Rigid Beliefs. Parents with rigid beliefs can cause “black and white mentality.” In the long run, the child will become anxious because there is no room for error. When a child’s anxiety is not corrected, he will become the same.


Child Abuse. Child abuse comes in the following forms: sexual, physical, negligence, psychological, cruelty and unreasonable punishments. These forms of violence cause anxiety as the child grows up.


Anxiety As Related To Separation And Loss. Reasons as to why a child may be separated from his parents are as follows:


  • Being hospitalized for a long time
  • Career move
  • Divorce
  • Death


If these events were not explained to the child thoroughly, he would have questions in his mind all throughout his life. An anxious personality may develop.


Another factor that can cause anxiety in children is having that so-called “absentee parent.” The parent is there, but he is “not there” – if you get the drift. It can also manifest anxious feelings on the child.


Reversal of Parent-Child Roles. It is the event wherein the parent and child reverse roles. The child becomes the parent, and the parent becomes the child. In homes where the parent is either too lazy to care or into some addictive vices, the child will try to “man-up.” He will do adult responsibilities to get through the day or survive a situation.


Other Factors That Can Cause Anxiety

  • Very critical parents
  • Overprotective parents
  • Suppressed feeling due to parents pressuring their child





Anxiety surfaces from many different factors, but it starts from one’s home. According to Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D. “when you fight with your increasing panic, the anxiety sometimes tends to worsen.” With this, parents should try to raise their kids in an anxiety-free and zero-trauma environment. Children have to be protected at all times and shown love and care. Doing so will ensure that the child will grow up without severe mental health issues. For concerns like this on your child, online therapy may be able to help.

James Bramblett