Speak Your Mind


Nobody ever wished to admit defeat, regardless whether if it’s shown on your face, bold and highlighted as a horrible reminder every time you glance in the mirror. It’s rather difficult to allow a person the chance of walking in your shoes when they seem to be double-knotted infinitely to your feet with the refusal of ever loosening. With each day there is the best of the best, and the worst of the worst and sometimes just stopping to wonder if there is anyone, anyone at all who fully and completely understands…well that is all it takes to break you down to pieces. You show a part of yourself you never even thought you held. Still, it never automatically skips to meaning defeat and there are many times that feeling of such overwhelm is misinterpreted. If you feel angry that no one understands you, you may be better to get help through online counseling.

No one is perfect, and no one will ever be, and the more lying about it to the world, the awareness of who you are, starts to slow. Perfection is a dream, not a reality. But noticing that everyone else around is just as imperfect is what should bring the smile upon your face. Pointless is pointless in itself. No one ever really wants to know it, for it’s when that feeling is felt that everything really is… pointless.

There will always be a time when it feels like nothing will ever change the way it already is and no matter what is done, time will never stop even for a split second to let you breathe evenly. In……out; everything positive always seems to be at a distance, too far out of your reach. Trying, and trying, and putting in twice as much effort to try even harder will never guarantee success. You will fail numerous times, and until that fact is accepted, success may never come, unless chanced upon. Fall down; scrape a knee every now and then. If you feel that life is getting on top of you, it may be best to seek advice from online counseling before it goes too far. Check out more tips from http://www.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/social-anxiety-and-the-benefits-of-virtual-reality-35734005.html

anxietyLife will never go easy on you, so be there to give it hell. Speak your mind, even if no one wants to hear you. Give love, neither expected and nor accepted. Give apology, whether you are right or you are wrong because, when it comes down to it, nothing is worth the trouble you go through to prove it. Live moments to their fullest. Each second you waste is the time that you won’t get back. So, fill each minute, each hour, each day with a voice, with laughter, with respect… with who you are. Make it your own.

Let love take a hold of your heart, let it go through unbearable situations that make you feel like nothing else exists or put it to the end of its rope, learn from those experiences and direct yourself in the path that is much more breathtaking. Make many friends and at the end of everything, whoever is left standing by your side is the visible proof of true friendship. Make life’s little moments worth it all. Allow the big things to pass and focus on everything that is unnoticed and ignored by the rest.

Empty your heart and let your mouth speak about what is in your mind. And you will feel better! If you feel that, however, that life is getting on top of you, you may need to seek the help of online counseling.

James Bramblett